An eerie bungalow,

A coffin below.

Green eyes glow,

Sending a sweat flow.

Cold winds blow,

You never know.

I move very slow,

To make the volume low,

A Halloween movie although.


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Six Word Story Challenge : Hoard

This is my story for this week’s “Six Word Story Challenge” posted by Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. This week’s prompt is “Hoard”.

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She is hiding in my womb.





A jigsaw puzzle,

I play it subtle.

Here and there,

Pieces to pick.

Wanna grab it quick,

But almost in a fix.


Rearrange them quick,

To find a way out.

A piece in life puzzle,

Forgotten in the hustle.

Changed the perception,

A look back at past action.


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Not far from sight,

But distanced by fight.

Mutually egoistic brain,

Banned our love.

A temporary clash,

Will fade away,

When we detour,

To heart from head.


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Ladylove – Part 3

A love tale to remember. Not so boring, not so dragging. A small episode at a time, a treat to your heart. My first attempt to write short series.

I think he noticed me. I should have been more careful. Did he find out that I’m following him? Or was it just a coincidence that he was staring at me near the college road and railway station? Thank god he didn’t notice me in the book fair and theater. I was so close to him.

Why I’m doing all this? Shall I confess to him? I’m so tired of thinking. Hope things get better soon. I’m waiting for my day dear.

I should get up early tomorrow. I don’t wanna miss his photo exhibition. He is doing it for the first time. He must have struggled a lot. He is so passionate about photography. He is too good at his profession. He is my man.

Something is stirring my heart. My mind is blank.

Pouring my heart to you makes me feel better. My secret friend, I have confessed everything only to you. All my silent speech is scribbled within you.

I need rest badly. I feel very tired nowadays. It’s time for dreaming. Good night my friend.

I read those lines from the journal again.

to be continued…


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