Unlike, we alike


To the core I see,

Like a whore you treat.

To the world we see,

Like a Coagulated sea.

Symbiosis we adhere,

Parasitic your disguise,

Victimized my senses.

To whom shall I call,

My darling of life,

But from lips.

To whom my heart calls,

My lovely darling,

But the lips sealed.

To the world,

We both happy men.

To me, but

We undisclosed people.

But I cheat,

Not two, but one.

But what do you do?

An act on the social stage?


Via Daily Prompt



What do you think?


Nudity at its peak,

Morality in the pitch.

Viewer’s thought seduced,

Corrupted mind induced.

Controversy I speak,

Naked body you think,

Stripped mind completely sunk.


Via Daily Prompt


My come back post after a long time. Feels good to be back to this routine. A post to refresh my mind. Few words to fill the gap.