Ladylove – Part 1

This is the first episode of my short series. My first attempt to write series. Yet another love tale. A journey with love.


I still remember the day I saw her. I never believed in love at first sight, but somehow her eyes proved me wrong.

I was a budding photographer then, happy with my profession and income. Never bothered about future. Photography is my passion and life. And it gave me the love of my life.

It was a Friday morning. I was busy clicking pictures near a college road. The sun was shining bright. A light breeze mixed with fragrance of flowers touched my skin. My camera lens lost focus. When I tried to adjust, I saw her through the lens. A moment of fluttering heart beat. Unknowingly I was watching her. May be focussing her through my lens. Her eyes could freeze the world. No wonder my camera lost focus when she passed by.

A glimpse at her paralyzed my heart. When I was back to reality she was gone. I felt disappointed, but wait, my camera had clicked her picture.

to be continued…


Author: ScribbledbyM

Writomaniac who loves to scribble Tamil and English poetries. Short stories and general articles are also my cup of tea with flavors and spices but without junk.

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