A conversation


I go with your ideology.

I come with my philosophy.

We mingle with our strategy. 

A conversation of diligence,

Provoke the birth of dilemma ?

Two minds of a kind, 

One breath aligned. 

I converse with you, 

The almighty of my soul.

What’s your name ?

I never asked you. 

Why did we converse ?

I never questioned myself.

Did we align ?

I never failed to realize.






She was egged to accept it.

The luckiest girl,

Parents cherished.

Match made in heaven,

The priest congratulated.

Little did he know,

She would feel much safer in heaven.

Beam of cultural criticism,

Blindfolded her to accept the patriarchy.




The trail I follow


An enlightened spark,

Guiding through the dark,

Enchanting the mark,

Early like the lark.


A little scoop of glee,

Made my mind flee,

Frenzy thoughts roaming free,

Tasting honey like a bee.


Vaguely revisiting my sense,

Close to making a decision,

On the cusp of realization,

Entering the transition.



Via Daily Prompt




A jigsaw puzzle,

I play it subtle.

Here and there,

Pieces to pick.

Wanna grab it quick,

But almost in a fix.


Rearrange them quick,

To find a way out.

A piece in life puzzle,

Forgotten in the hustle.

Changed the perception,

A look back at past action.


Via Daily Prompt


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