Living it


Lips of weariness brushing my soul,

Kisses of hope nourishing my heart.

Hugs of pain pulling me apart,

Rain of determination pushing me forward. 

I circle back to the arena of life,

To begin the game once again.


Via Daily Prompt




The trail I follow


An enlightened spark,

Guiding through the dark,

Enchanting the mark,

Early like the lark.


A little scoop of glee,

Made my mind flee,

Frenzy thoughts roaming free,

Tasting honey like a bee.


Vaguely revisiting my sense,

Close to making a decision,

On the cusp of realization,

Entering the transition.



Via Daily Prompt




A jigsaw puzzle,

I play it subtle.

Here and there,

Pieces to pick.

Wanna grab it quick,

But almost in a fix.


Rearrange them quick,

To find a way out.

A piece in life puzzle,

Forgotten in the hustle.

Changed the perception,

A look back at past action.


Via Daily Prompt


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