Falling leaf

It was very cold.
I was walking through the woods.
My thought was wandering.
I happen to notice a single leaf falling down.
My thoughts started focussing on the leaf.
It’s not just a falling leaf,
It’s a dry leaf.
Its lifetime is over
And It has fallen in the mud.
It’s going to lose its form. It’s going to disintegrate
But of course it becomes humus in this process.
It’s going to nurture the trees again.
Similarly our life has purpose to live.
Even after we leave this world our body may be destroyed,
but our good thoughts and deeds remain forever.
Our thoughts and actions continue to take different forms.
It passes to people. It gets enhanced and develops.
But never dies.
I decided to focus my thoughts on being useful to this world.
I felt a warmth.

Arms of God

It was dark
I couldn’t see anything
I was trying to move
I was getting nervous
It was very noisy
Someone was crying
Oh my god who’s crying?
I was moving slowly and the cries became very loud
Someone was forcibly pulling me
I was reluctant to move but the force was strong
It was very bright and different
I have never seen such a bright place before
My vision felt blurry and I started crying
Slowly someone picked me
I was trying to open my eyes
I could see a tired and weak woman
Her eyes were full of tears but I could see her smiling in joy
She took me in her arms and kissed me
I felt very safe and secured in her arms
Years have passed but the safest place for me is always your arms Mom!!!