Can we achieve hunger free world?

I was thinking about this topic for quite a while. Yesterday night I felt it was the right time to scribble my thoughts.

I visited a restaurant for dinner with my friends yesterday. We all ordered dosa and wanted to finish with coffee. As we were chatting and enjoying our dosas, I noticed few other people seated next to us. As it was closing time there was not much crowd, so I happened to notice people around.

There was an American couple, an Asian couple, an Indian family with kids and few friends group, including us. Each of the table was filled with lot of food items. But most of them were hardly touched, just a bite or two was consumed.

Everyone was busy chatting, ignoring the food they had ordered. One of the couple packed their left over food before leaving. Few others were waiting for their bill and had ordered the waiter to clean the table (with lot of left overs).

We were the last group to leave the restaurant. Happy that we didn’t waste any food. The cleaning person started cleaning the table and started throwing the left overs in the dustbin. Most of the items were hardly touched. But it was his job to clean which he was doing perfectly.

I couldn’t digest the fact that people order so much food when they can’t eat it. At least they should be carrying the left overs. Do they consider it as a prestige issue to take left overs? Or wasting food is a way to establish wealthy status? I was standing there, staring at the left over food that was trashed, it was very painful to watch.

The food we eat is not grown by us. We have no right to waste it. Paying money for it doesn’t mean that we can waste or throw away food. The pain taken to grow the crop and hard efforts to bring it to our table can never be paid off.

Money or wealth can never fill our tummy. There are nations suffering in hunger. Do you think money can provide them food? Not at all. Food we waste doesn’t belong to us, we are depriving others right to that food.

Respect a farmer’s hard work and don’t waste food. More they work hard, more the nation strive towards hunger free world.

“Love and food are meant for sharing, not for wasting.”



My thoughts and words for “Daily Prompt” Facade.


Ignored soul hiding beneath.

Beauty of heart dumped deep.

The facade you see with open eyes,

A blemished look registered with closed mind.

A flawless beauty ditched by eyes,

Visible when you look beyond the scar.


A piece of information about Peace


As I came across “International Day of Peace” in Facebook feeds, my pen started scribbling these words. What is peace? How do you define peace? What people think when they come across the word peace? Are we living a peaceful life? A walk through my thoughts on peace.


War and chaos would be first thought that comes to our mind, for most of us, when we see the word peace. Some of us might think about our problem and need for peace. Few of us would have definitely battled with our emotions to conclude that we need peace.

Does anyone appreciate peace or thank the peaceful present life we are living, unless we lose it and crave to get it back? Does anyone cherish peaceful moment until it is lost? Does anyone think about other’s peace, when we are in peaceful bliss? Does anyone thank or at least think about the sacrifices made somewhere to ensure a peaceful life for us?

Value of peace and sacrifice made to ensure a peaceful life for us, are always underestimated. There are a lot of people in vicinity and far from our vicinity who strive hard to restore peace for faces known or unknown to them.

It could be our parents, the one who care for us, our companion, our employer and many. It could be a soldier living far away from his/her family. It could be a social activist who fights against all odds in the society. It could be a maid who cleans our house. It could be the sewage cleaner who immerse himself in filthy drainage to give us a clean and good drainage flow.

There are many such people around us, who directly or indirectly contribute to our peace. But still do you think we are peaceful mentally? Not all are really living a peaceful life. What is the factor driving us away from peace?

Money lost in gambling, money secured in locker, money invested in stocks, money hidden as black and money in different forms in our life. Whether you are millionaire or a middle class or a pauper, money is all you think about.

Is money alone sole cause of all our misery? My answer is no. Why do we bother about posting a Facebook status? Why do we expect people to like our status or picture? Why do we care about social status? Why do we symbolize pet as status symbol? Why do we think about what we don’t have? Why don’t we cherish what we have and what we have earned?

A social media post can drive us crazy. A pet thrown from terrace can get all our attention in social media. Can we give same attention to remember the war heroes or remember the Paralympic champions? Our attention and care goes towards sensational news which caters our gossip thirst.

You may wonder that I’m deviating from my topic “Peace”. Certainly not, all the factors I’ve discussed above contributes towards inner peace. I might have missed some points as I didn’t want to drag my article. But when you think about these, you’ll surely feel that I’m right.

As I have discussed about factors affecting peace and people living without peace, I should also indicate about people living peacefully in spite of all odds and drama happening around. They follow their inner conscience, they listen to their heart, social media and rapid technology limitations are sensed by them. They are happy with what they have and they work hard towards their goal and need, cherishing each moment. They are happy as they don’t compare their life with others. They live a peaceful life as their lives are not associated with the materialistic hunger.

All we need is maturity to think, knowledge to decide, clarity in thoughts, proactively react without procrastination, magnanimity in heart and little care and share in act.

Live peacefully and also let others live peacefully.