Don’t leave me alone

The clock struck 12. That night was unusually silent. Suddenly the fan stopped working, disturbing Nisha’s sleep. The power was down. Nisha wondered why the inverter wasn’t working. She got up and headed towards the hall to check it. It was near the hall doorway beside the TV stand.
As she walked towards the inverter her mobile rang. As the house was very silent the ringtone sounded very loud. She returned back to her bedroom to check her mobile. Mobile was lying on the bed spreading the vibration all over the bed. As she picked the mobile the call got cut. She was in no mood to check the caller identity as her eyes were longing to sleep. So she again went back to check the inverter.
It was a new moon day so the house was very dark. She slowly walked towards the hall. She touched the wall to find her way. The wall was very cold as the house was newly painted. She went near the inverter, bent down to check it. To her surprise it was already switched on. It was a newly purchased device. “Shit. This one is a scrap. I have to call the service center tomorrow. ” Rahul, Nisha’s husband had bought it last week after one month long persuasion by her.
Rahul was an archeologist. Due to his profession he had to travel a lot. Most of the time Nisha had to stay alone in the house. Recently they had constructed the house. There was not much houses nearby as most of them were under construction. Nisha was not happy after shifting here. She was quite afraid to be alone in the house during Rahul’s travel.
As the night was very cool, Nisha ignored the inverter and went back to bed. She fell asleep immediately. Suddenly the door bell rang. She got up and wondered who it could be. She decided to check it. She neared the door and was about touch the door knob, suddenly her body chilled. She realized that there was no power, then how could the bell ring. With a shock she went away from the door. Before she could recover from the shock, again the doorbell rang. Sweat ran down from her forehead. Her hands were trembling with fear.
“Who is that?” She asked in a low voice. There was no reply. She decided not to open the door. Suddenly her phone bell rang. The ringtone sent chillness down her spines. Her heart started beating heavily.
She made up her mind to attend the call. Slowly she proceeded towards her mobile. She took her mobile, to her relief it was Rahul. With a sign of relief she answered it. “Hey darling it’s me. Open the door I’m standing outside” Rahul said. “You really frightened me. I’m coming.” She answered.
She hurried and opened the door. Her face showed a sign of relaxation after seeing him. She fell in his arms. He hugged her tightly. She felt warm and safe in his arms. He gently tucked her fringes behind her ear and kissed in her forehead. The moment was so light and delightful. Nisha’s fear and shock disappeared. Rahul’s presence gave her a protective feeling. Who else can take care of her in this world? Rahul was the only person in this world who would care for Nisha.
“You told me you’ll be returning next week. What a surprise!” Nisha asked.”Yeah, I told, but the feeling that you will be alone without me drove me here.” Rahul said.
“I have been alone many days before dear. Suddenly why you have become so emotional?” Nisha asked. “Those times distance between us was short, I could return at any time. But this time I felt I’m going too far. I’m afraid to leave you alone baby.”
Nisha was speechless. Rahul’s affection and love immersed her in happiness and pride.”You were not going that far. Just to another state Delhi, not even to another country. Anyway I’m happy that you won’t leave me alone anymore. Please take me wherever you go. I’m ready to travel with you to any place.” Rahul nodded his head in an affirmative tone.
She hugged him tightly. Rahul lifted her and carried her to their room. The night’s silence was broken by their happiness. The darkness of the room blanketed them. They didn’t mind about the power cut. The fragrance of romance filled the room.
It was Morning 10 o’clock. Police had already entered Rahul’s house. Many people had gathered around the house. There were lots of chaos and commotion. Inside the house photographer was taking pictures of the corpse. There lay dead Nisha in her bed. No one would believe that she is dead. There was no blood, no sign of struggle, and no marks of injury. She lay as if she was in deep sleep.
Police was not able to find any evidence. Her body was sent for postmortem. In the mean time reporters had gathered and started questioning the people and the police.
Police tried to contact Rahul. His mobile number was not reachable. They tried contacting his colleagues. The answer they got put them in a state of shock and confusion.
Next day Nisha’s death was the headlines in the newspapers. The cause of her death was unknown. The article stated that her husband Rahul had died in an accident the previous night in Delhi.
”I tried calling Nisha around 12 to inform her, but she didn’t pick the call. Rahul was repeatedly uttering Nisha’s name. He repeatedly told that Nisha will be alone. But before reaching hospital, he died” This was the statement given by Rahul’s friend to the police.” After few months police closed Nisha’s case due to lack of evidence.
Somewhere in this world they live together, mixed in the air like the fragrance of a flower, flowing through the clouds, playing with the waves. Their unseen love lives above all.


Author: ScribbledbyM

Writomaniac who loves to scribble Tamil and English poetries. Short stories and general articles are also my cup of tea with flavors and spices but without junk.

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