Ladylove – Part 5

Months passed, I became more confident that she is not part of my life. Lingering thoughts slowly melted away. Just a passing cloud, my heart convinced, slowly drifting towards undisturbed night sleep.

Travelling was a definite part of photographer’s life. I enjoyed all my trips. Every time I visit a place, apart from stills I love to try the local food.

I was traveling to Hyderabad. I had accepted a wedding photography offer. I don’t do wedding pictures mostly, just a time pass or may be to make little money. I’ve already been there before, but didn’t get a chance to explore the city.

As I was traveling with my friends with whom I work, the journey was full of fun. We were chatting and making lot of noise. May be the alcohol inside played the game. People around seemed disturbed initially but later they started enjoying our songs and dance. And of course I showed my dance skill too.

We reached by early morning. Still had enough time to take rest and try Hyderabad biriyani. The marriage reception was in the evening and we stayed in a hotel close by.

After a good nap and shower, we all headed to roam around Hyderabad.

to be continued…


I think I gave a long gap after my last episode. Not a writer’s block definitely, just a time constraint. Next episode in progress. Will post soon.

Each episode I write gives me immense joy and pleasure. Hope that joy is transferred to all my readers. 

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Ladylove – Part 4

It was a happy day for me. I think I didn’t mention about it earlier. I wanted to put up an exhibition of my clicks. Situation became favorable after long time and I was able to accomplish one of my dreams.

I had organized the event along with few of my photographer friends, exhibiting some of our pictures. It was good to see many interested people. Not much of sale but felt contented.

Event started at 9 AM in the morning and by the time we wrapped up, it was 10 PM. It was a busy day but my eyes were searching for someone. I couldn’t justify my behavior.

I didn’t see her that day. I wasn’t sure if our paths would cross again. Just a glimpse of her twice disturbed me.

Will I see her again? Cupid started playing the love game. Not knowing anything about her, I didn’t want to grow my expectations. Of course expectation always hurts.

Being a practical person, I couldn’t go in Cupid’s way. Though her thoughts kept coming to my mind, I tried to be steady in my decision. I kept saying to myself, “I’m not going to see her again.”

An enigmatic mind wobbling between lust and love?

to be continued…

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Ladylove – Part 3

A love tale to remember. Not so boring, not so dragging. A small episode at a time, a treat to your heart. My first attempt to write short series.

I think he noticed me. I should have been more careful. Did he find out that I’m following him? Or was it just a coincidence that he was staring at me near the college road and railway station? Thank god he didn’t notice me in the book fair and theater. I was so close to him.

Why I’m doing all this? Shall I confess to him? I’m so tired of thinking. Hope things get better soon. I’m waiting for my day dear.

I should get up early tomorrow. I don’t wanna miss his photo exhibition. He is doing it for the first time. He must have struggled a lot. He is so passionate about photography. He is too good at his profession. He is my man.

Something is stirring my heart. My mind is blank.

Pouring my heart to you makes me feel better. My secret friend, I have confessed everything only to you. All my silent speech is scribbled within you.

I need rest badly. I feel very tired nowadays. It’s time for dreaming. Good night my friend.

I read those lines from the journal again.

to be continued…


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Ladylove – Part 2

Yet another love story. A journey with love. My first attempt to write short series.

I never liked stalking or disturbing girls, so decided not go in search of her. But I couldn’t resist seeing her picture. She had already conquered my heart. “If she is destined to be part of my life, it will happen.”, I said to myself.

Days passed, I was completely engaged with a new assignment. After a tiring day I was waiting in a local railway station to take a train to my place. It was not my usual commute, but had no other option as my bike was in the service station.

After 20 minutes of wait, the train arrived. I managed to get a seat in the busy general compartment. It was a 30 minute ride. I got down at my destination and started walking in the platform. The train slowly started moving, I casually looked at the moving compartments. My heart paralyzed again. Oh my god! It was her. Yes, she was in the train sitting near the window in the ladies compartment, talking with a lady.

I missed her again. I cursed myself for my fate.

to be continued…

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Ladylove – Part 1

This is the first episode of my short series. My first attempt to write series. Yet another love tale. A journey with love.

I still remember the day I saw her. I never believed in love at first sight, but somehow her eyes proved me wrong.

I was a budding photographer then, happy with my profession and income. Never bothered about future. Photography is my passion and life. And it gave me the love of my life.

It was a Friday morning. I was busy clicking pictures near a college road. The sun was shining bright. A light breeze mixed with fragrance of flowers touched my skin. My camera lens lost focus. When I tried to adjust, I saw her through the lens. A moment of fluttering heart beat. Unknowingly I was watching her. May be focussing her through my lens. Her eyes could freeze the world. No wonder my camera lost focus when she passed by.

A glimpse at her paralyzed my heart. When I was back to reality she was gone. I felt disappointed, but wait, my camera had clicked her picture.

to be continued…