Happy Mother’s Day


Bond from womb


Million words to express your love.
Ocean of emotion to express my gratitude.
The bond between us started in your womb.
A pillar of strength, throughout our journey.
A book of life lessons, living with me.
A small figure behind my achievements.
A big support to all my decisions.
All my love is only for you.
As all your life is only for me.
A calendar day in a year.
Cannot restrict my celebration all over the year.

Happy Mother’s Day!! Love you mom!!!

Arms of God

It was dark
I couldn’t see anything
I was trying to move
I was getting nervous
It was very noisy
Someone was crying
Oh my god who’s crying?
I was moving slowly and the cries became very loud
Someone was forcibly pulling me
I was reluctant to move but the force was strong
It was very bright and different
I have never seen such a bright place before
My vision felt blurry and I started crying
Slowly someone picked me
I was trying to open my eyes
I could see a tired and weak woman
Her eyes were full of tears but I could see her smiling in joy
She took me in her arms and kissed me
I felt very safe and secured in her arms
Years have passed but the safest place for me is always your arms Mom!!!