Live-in friendship

A quick short story. Not too many words. But too many thoughts.

“Hey, stop it.”, she moaned. He slowly moved even more closer. She liked it. She laughed. She enjoyed it. “I’m still a Virgin.” She hugged him even more tighter. “Yes, we are virgin.” He responded with an affirmative kiss. “You know I’m an one woman man.” She thought she’s lucky. Slowly they drifted into deep sleep cuddling each other.
Their life was together. Best friends forever, they boasted to friends. He enjoyed her company. She loved to be with him in the dream of marriage and kids. Her life was filled with him, she felt. She ignored the surroundings. She ignored his deep likings. She failed to notice his deep thoughts.
He was not able to speak his mind. He respected her, enjoyed being with her. Their intimacy never bothered him. His ignorance failed to notice the thin line between love and friendship. He was quite far way from reality like her. Attracted by the live-in relationships he just went with it without understanding the outcome.
Both of them had their own dreams and expectations. She felt he is the one. He felt she’s one among them. He was confused. But their relationship and intimacy made them forget what’s happening.
She made up her mind to propose to him. She gained the courage and asked those words. “Do you think we can take this relationship to next level?” He was dumbstruck. He never imagined a love life with her. His heart was beating for someone. He slowly realized it was not her and it cannot be her anytime. He slowly gathered his words to answer. “You are my best friend always. I’ve never thought about us being more than best friends.” She smiled slowly.

To be continued…….

Link to other parts,

Live-in friendship – Part 2

Author: ScribbledbyM

Writomaniac who loves to scribble Tamil and English poetries. Short stories and general articles are also my cup of tea with flavors and spices but without junk.

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