Live-in friendship – Part 3


He was thinking about her. He didn’t know how to start a conversation with her. He had spoken to her few times. Since Alice was home he had completely forgotten about her. Her brilliance, interest and taste always attracted him. But his shyness stopped him from talking to her.

Reetha and Maya were planning to go for a movie. As usual the spoilsport didn’t join as she was afraid he would get close to Alice, so she was home watching their activities. After Alice left she felt relaxed. But still she felt upset and worried.

Sleeping in his arms made her forget all the worries about his closeness with Alice. He smoothly kissed on her forehead. Slowly smooching her hard. The so-called friendship never knew its limit. He enjoyed his fantasies through her. More than enjoyment he was learning to master his romantic skills. He never wanted to fail in front of his wife. He was scared to tell his future wife about his fantasies. He wished to keep his likings and enjoyment as a secret affair.

She kept thinking that he was falling for her. “Jiger, kiss me.”, she demanded. He obliged sweetly.

Reetha and Maya were upset about Kranthi getting hurt over the obsession for Jiger, without knowing intimacy between them. They always thought it as one sided love by Kranthi. They wanted to bring her back to reality. But as they were not very close friend to her, they didn’t want to cross their limits.
“I think we shouldn’t cross our limits Reetha. We are not very close to her. Her circle and friends are always different.” Reetha couldn’t agree more to Maya. “Hey girls, it’s Friday! Let’s go out for movie.”, Kira entered the kitchen. “What discussion is going on without me? Come let’s do something. I feel like going out.” Kira’s enthusiasm brightened Reetha and Maya’s mood. They quickly got ready to go out. Kira was always enthusiastic and fun loving.

“Why don’t we call Kranthi to join us? I haven’t met her before. I really wanna to meet her after hearing so much about your friendship.”, Kira asked innocently. “I don’t think she’ll be free. She must be having some other plans with her best friends.”, Maya responded with an annoyance. Kranthi ignoring their friendship had already started to burn the bridges between Maya and Kranthi. But Reetha always wanted to give Kranthi a chance. “As Kira says why don’t we call Kranthi. If she’s free let her join us Maya.”

As usual Kranthi’s days were dedicated for Jiger and his circle. Her refusal made Maya even more angry.

To be continued……..

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Live-in friendship – Part 2

Live-in friendship – Part 2


She felt uncomfortable. “Did I ask him at a wrong time?” Her thoughts were trying to land but she let them fly.

Reetha and Maya as usual were the last ones to hear her grumbling, but first few to really respond to her emotions. They knew it wasn’t going to work out. But they didn’t know, the questionable relationship was not just friendship. They felt it will be alright soon.

He was waiting to see her. Hiding his emotions and intentions. He didn’t knew what he wanted. He wanted to give it a try. Her brilliance, interest and taste attracted him. He wanted to know more about her. He didn’t want to take it forward. He didn’t want to approach her. He was scared if he had made the right decision. He just let it happen.

Alice, her bestie had come to meet them. They decide to chill with a drink but ended up getting drunk. Alice was drunk and he helped her settle in the bed. Holding her by her waist he slowly walked with Alice. She was watching him helping Alice. She was drunk, but her conscience was behind him.

After helping Alice settle in her bed, he came and sat near her. Putting his arm around her, he offered her a smoke. They both smoked together. Their usual relaxation after a drink. She removed his arm from her shoulder and ran towards the patio. He quickly grabbed her hand. She pushed him off.

He walked behind her. Hugged her tightly. “What’s wrong with you?”, he asked. “Do you like to date Alice?”, she asked.
Without thinking he said, “Why not? I think we both have common likings.”
She didn’t expect the answer. She felt insecure. Jealousy was burning inside. “You cheated me. You said no to me and you wanna date my friend. I can’t accept it.”

He was taken aback. He never thought she was still holding to her love. “Just chill. I just casually said it. We are all friends.”, he said.

“I feel you are going away from me. I can’t take it. I don’t want her coming in between us. I know this is bull shit, but I can’t stop thinking about it.”

To be continued………

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Live-in friendship

A quick short story. Not too many words. But too many thoughts.

“Hey, stop it.”, she moaned. He slowly moved even more closer. She liked it. She laughed. She enjoyed it. “I’m still a Virgin.” She hugged him even more tighter. “Yes, we are virgin.” He responded with an affirmative kiss. “You know I’m an one woman man.” She thought she’s lucky. Slowly they drifted into deep sleep cuddling each other.
Their life was together. Best friends forever, they boasted to friends. He enjoyed her company. She loved to be with him in the dream of marriage and kids. Her life was filled with him, she felt. She ignored the surroundings. She ignored his deep likings. She failed to notice his deep thoughts.
He was not able to speak his mind. He respected her, enjoyed being with her. Their intimacy never bothered him. His ignorance failed to notice the thin line between love and friendship. He was quite far way from reality like her. Attracted by the live-in relationships he just went with it without understanding the outcome.
Both of them had their own dreams and expectations. She felt he is the one. He felt she’s one among them. He was confused. But their relationship and intimacy made them forget what’s happening.
She made up her mind to propose to him. She gained the courage and asked those words. “Do you think we can take this relationship to next level?” He was dumbstruck. He never imagined a love life with her. His heart was beating for someone. He slowly realized it was not her and it cannot be her anytime. He slowly gathered his words to answer. “You are my best friend always. I’ve never thought about us being more than best friends.” She smiled slowly.

To be continued…….

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